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A project to improve the territory of the residential complex of the cottage village of artists in Sochi.

The second realised object of Megabudka bureau on the territory of Kudykina Gora Park

One of the last villages absorbed by Moscow.

We reinterpret and create a local identity; there were Russianness, Yakutskness, Sovietness, Nizhegorodskness… now there is Moscowness.

A unique playground in the residential complex "Jazz". One of the most expensive playgrounds in Russia.

The first stage of landscaping for one of the central sections of Nizhny Novgorod riverfront.Reinterpreting a port aesthetic and creating a string of public spaces for all the people living in the city that sit on a new pedestrian axis on Oka riverfront.

The Pavilion is a dimensional architectural photo stand-in. A range of openings, apertures and fixtures are evenly scattered across the pavilion facades. The structure encourages the visitors to improvise. 

The project of a microdistrict in Cheboksary, where a lot of thought went into all the details – from the position of the buildings to the layout of the façade brick cladding. A living incarnation of ideas and principles inherent of the project of a new Russian city.

The project of a composition of a hotel and luxury apartments in the centre of a new federal territory Sirius. Lean classic design of the facades that makes one think about the repeatability of the centuries.

What a new building of the national Tatar theatre should be like? Dominant and exemplary or making a precedent of being carefully inserted into the landscape? Traditional or modern? National or global? Formalist or abstract? Laconic or ornate? We believe the truth is in equilibrium. 

Sheregesh is one of the most popular ski resorts in Russia, where premium segment services are limited. It makes sense to create an all-season high-end complex.

We would like to showcase the main square of Nizhny Novgorod: a new one, but with references to history. Here a multitude of meanings, functions, unique objects unite, locals and guests of the city meet together.

Courtyards, which delight the residents of the residential complex from above, turn out to be an entertaining game from below.

The first completed building in the New Russian style.

A new type of experimental public space in a shopping center

Project-winner of the international competition for the development of concepts of architectural solutions for houses under the renovation program in Moscow. Sites in Izmailovo, East Izmailovo and Sokolinaya Gora.

Project-winner of the competition for the concept of integrated development of park areas in Saratov.

A new attraction, as well as a new typology of public spaces for Russia. Detached restaurant + pocket greenhouse.

High walls of military territory had been hiding a bay coast and UNESCO world heritage sites for years. But we have found an approach to them.

School is an object with many planning restrictions and strict requirements for design solutions. In addition, it is not profitable to spend a lot of money on the architecture of a regular public school. Because of this, it is really difficult to make this type of object unusual and interesting. But we found a solution.

Winner of the third all-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements.

Hotel on the slope, consisting of separate houses. Two options for integration into the natural environment.

Park «Manor Lublino» it is a specially protected natural area and an object of cultural heritage. Residents of Moscow come here to rest even from other tourist routes.

«Light Park» in Bibirevo a typical residential area near the Moscow Ring Road, in the north-east of Moscow. The main feature of the project is original lighting.

A new comfortable space with classic content and historical references.

A tourist cluster in the coldest inhabited place on earth.

Silver Prize of the Architectural Biennale in Kazan.

The thinnest and most inconspicuous observation tower, where all structural elements are made of armature

A unique space that in a month turned from a deserted parking lot into a lively resting place for the townspeople.

The building of the storage facility should become a new landmark in Moscow.

Each of our projects is based on a concept. And this project is based on the most conceptual concept.

Single-stage school with a country spirit in Prague's suburb

How to turn a small courtyard into a cozy multifunctional space? How to dissolve fire passages? How to plant as much greenery as possible, regardless of utilities and underground parking? And how to create the most daring playground? That's how!

Contemporary style of Russian architecture? We’ve got it!

How to improve Russia? Motivate people to develop, do useful things, be interested, active and responsible. Reimagined houses of culture - beautiful buildings with columns that are found in almost every city - can serve as a platform for these purposes.

How to unleash the potential of the park, turning it into one of the coolest parks in the country. Abridged version.

Signature style, logo and map guide for the Natural Park of Miracles.

Every Russian city has the opportunity to become a prominent point on the country's tourist map. We have developed a visual aid for use in any urban education. As an example - Drezna near Moscow.

The concept of a cultural centre with visitors having a possibility to stay in one of many cabins.

With the future in mind and care for the environment around us. An example of minimal architectural implementation where you can do without it.

Mobile coworking space on wheels

Flexible penthouse space.

Key improvement projects for the master plan of the city of Borodino.

A house opening with a southern façade into a private courtyard.

The concept of development of the territory of the park "Mitino". Nature itself should be the main instrument of transformation in the park. Everything that is being built must be grown, everything that encloses can be planted and after a while will form a natural fence.

Renovation of the square in the residential area of Moscow.

Office of investors in Moscow City. Combination of classical and modern materials and solutions.

Goal: to plan the landscape architecture of the midscale complex Novomolokovo, which is the second stage development

The interior of the coworking space in the Aerocity business center in Khimki. An eccentric, very atmospheric and a bit cosmic project. Color, neon, wood and metal plus beautiful furniture and well-chosen light equals Coworking 14.

Reconstruction of the old library in Sokolniki Park. The building has a friendly exterior, and the interior is cozy and creative.

Noise and heavy traffic makes Tverskaya street, which is the principal street in Moscow, not the most pleasant place to be. But when one finds oneself among this buzz, tourist fuss, shops and cafes, old architecture, there’s a need to look around and feel that the place is not only a transit point.

Architectural concept for the reconstruction of Triumfalnaya Square.

Revamp of the territory across the river from the historic centre of Riga. The goal is to create a new hip point of attraction open to everyone. Young people and office workers; recreation, shopping, culture and education; children’s workshops, craftsmanship, a modern kitchen - everyone and everything is included.

Show room and office at the same time. Two functions are cleverly combined in one complex space. A wooden structure with niches exists in space as a separate object and has its own interior. The central structure contains a large number of communications, sensors and bearing parts of the building.

An architectural concept of the interior and the exterior of the former Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, as well as the adjoining building, in which clergy used to live.

In this interior, it turned out to reveal all the charms of panoramic glazing. And this project is executed with great attention to detail and textures.

The library is a place that stimulates the emergence of useful interests and the desire to engage in self-development.

This project is an experiment. Temporary solutions (change paving, transfer lighting, digging the earth was forbidden), designed to show whether the place will function under the new scenario. The concept of pedestrian Chernigov - Quiet and White Lane.

The pavilion is designed for Sretenka Design Week. The main goal was to demonstrate how a
site can be transformed using simple means.

A house consisting of two main volumes, visually separated from each other. The first is the main living space, the second is an isolated work area with panoramic windows facing the garden.

A collective image of a Russian dacha, a theme park composed of dacha elements rethought in a modern way.

The main theses on the basis of which the school was designed: open universal spaces, no corridors, rich recreation, completely safe territory, travel safety, friendliness to children with disabilities, comfortable lighting for left-handers and right-handers, energy saving and maximum use of the school territory. academic year.

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