The concept of a cultural centre with visitors having a possibility to stay in one of many cabins. The complex is located in Krasnodar Krai, in the mountain town of Uch-Dere close to
Sochy. It is a secluded, quiet retreat in the mountains, a place to host special events, such as yoga
seminars or meditations. It is a place to relax and find inspiration; it is far from the hustle and
bustle. It hosts intimate and quiet wedding ceremonies. The complex is designed for 50 people at

For the project we used green materials and paid attention to how we can save power (solar or
wind energy).


The complex can be reached from the upper level, the rooftop of the community centre. The idea
is that you cannot see the whole panorama straight away, and only having walked down the ramp
you can reach an open terrace with a pool overlooking the mountains and the cabins for the
visitors. The ramp changes into the winding walking path, which leads to every cabin.

1. Community centre 4. Utility unit
2. Cabins 5. Children’s playground
3. Observation tower 6. Sauna

Community centre

The community centre houses all the resources for communal events: a terrace, a restaurant, a wooden deck with a panorama view at the rooftop. Inside there is a conference room, a sauna. At the top floor there is a pavilion/hideaway. The centre of the volume features an open green area with a tree where one can hold meeting and discussions. The community centre houses a panoramic outdoor swimming pool.

               Division into areas


Cabins are designed for 1 to 4 people (6 people max.) to live all the year round. The site layout
allows having a winding walking path that snakes across the landscape and leads to each cabin.
The cabin geometry was chosen based on the desire to let as much light as possible in and to
open the view of the surrounding scenery to its utmost.

Предусмотрено три варианта планировочных решений домов. Решения связаны с их расположением на рельефе. В проекте использована уникальная технология перекрестно-слойных деревянных панелей для стен и перекрытий.

Observation tower

Observation tower is the highest spot of the complex. Reaching the tower is a special experience.
The upper deck is equipped with telescopes to watch the stars. The central level is designed for
wedding ceremonies, and the lower level features an auditorium for film screening.