The concept of the park area is a modern landscaped natural enclave for people oriented towards a healthy lifestyle and active involvement in topical environmental issues.

The area is the central core linking residential clusters, sports centres and recreational areas of the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain. In accordance with the principles of polycentricity, it is an important element of self-sufficiency and functional saturation of the district.

Value for the city

Central Educational Park

This is where the most interesting objects with functions unique for Moscow are concentrated. Many of the facilities are covered and open all year round, making it possible to interact with nature even in the cold season. The park is conducive to enlightenment, learning new information and quiet walks. Sporting features, including bicycle paths, are located outside the park. Electric motorised wheeled vehicles are also not permitted within the park.

Protected Park

The area includes the main natural values of the island. Minimal intervention. Minimal infrastructural facilities delicately integrated into the existing landscape. Viewpoints, leisurely walks, eco-trails. Here the visitor is imbued with the value of nature unique to Moscow.

River Park

The perimeter of the island is surrounded by green space adjacent to the water. A long circular route (walking, running, cycling) runs through the river park. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the river and the hydroelectric plant; there are self-contained elements of the exposition, which reveal the theme of hydraulic engineering. In some areas there are thematic zones: beach, garden, sports zones, picnic areas, water sports zone. The main part of the coastal landscape has been preserved in its original state. Those areas that are close to the development have the character of a capital city embankment and are additionally enriched with various functions.