A new type of public space for shopping centers. If before spending your free time in the shopping center was too much, now it is fashionable (at least in the Aquarelle shopping center in Pushkino): a lecture hall, a fair of local designers, ordinary coworking, culinary coworking, a cool restaurant, exhibition space, transformations, and also you can run in circles! Give modern trends of urbanism to interiors!

Lecture hall


The lecture hall is open at normal times and faces the food court, inviting visitors to use it as a recreation area, where you can simply sit on the steps of the amphitheater, climb up to the French balcony, see the space from a different angle, and take pictures in a spectacular and unusual space. During events, the upper part of the amphitheater is closed with a curtain, isolating the lecture hall from the general area and creating an acoustically comfortable environment for lectures, master classes and other events.

When you hover over the photo, you can see how the curtain closes. 

When you hover over the photo, you can see how the curtain closes. 



An expressive futuristic volume that invites visitors to a new space. Here the visitor can learn about the events held in the lecture hall, ongoing exhibitions, take a stroller, sign up for a master class, etc.



Cozy zone of the author's cuisine restaurant, solved by a complex combination of watercolor colors. Several spaces have a different character. Expressive interior elements, such as a graceful staircase with a crystal chandelier above it, a bar, niches with round sofas, a dynamic kitchen volume, tiled with white ceramic tiles with a semicircular window through which visitors can observe the internal processes of the kitchen, create a special solemn atmosphere, staying with this open and democratic to the visitor.