This is an experiment. Temporary solutions intended to show if the spot will function according to a new scenario. Following the outcome, a decision will be taken whether the street remains pedestrian, or returns to its previous state. Volunteer architects have been invited to work on the project and their job was to develop an architectural concept as part of workshops.

The case:

    Civic buildings: cafes, clubs, offices, administration

Churches, partially undergoing restoration


Residential housing


Territory of the churches, including planting, closed for visitors


Buildings’ entrances


Noise extinction from Pyatnitskaya street towards residential housing


White fences of the churches on both sides of the street, gates in place, but not in use

The concept:
After the restoration of 2014, Pyatnitskaya street adjacent to Chernigovsky pereulok became busy and noisy. To emphasize the contrast between the intensity of Pyatnitskaya street and the intimacy of the side street, it was necessary to give the side street some quiet function. For instance, to make a library out of it – to place shelves for BookCrossing, to make benches look like armchairs (with armrests and for one person only to prevent crowding).

When approaching the side street, pedestrians see the signs: quiet zone.

The project includes:

1. area for the screening of silent or black-and-white films on mute with cultural and educational content (the projection area being the white wall of the Church of Prophet Elijah)

2. spots for BookCrossing (shelves are built in the fence and hide the ugly metal sheets with the help of fixtures without the use of anchors)

3. Benches/planters

4. A conifer tree in a planter gives the finishing touch

As the project’s main idea was in temporary solutions, it was unreasonable to use costly or durable materials and structures. Therefore, for the purposes of the project the existing asphalt surface was painted (rather than covered with special-purpose durable plastic) and pine street furniture was used.

White stone churches stand in the side street, which is why the central idea was to make the territory pleasant, quiet and white. The concept of a library with comfortable armchairs for a person to read in solitude, with a bookshelf fits the general atmosphere.