An eccentric, very atmospheric and a bit cosmic project. Color, neon, wood and metal plus beautiful furniture and well-chosen light - you will find everything here.

Due to the complex layout of the business center, it was impossible to use the usual zoning method. The surest solution is to use plastic, which itself adjusts to the difficult places of the original site. This is how the rounded podiums and curved liners turned out, which gently smooth the space and comfortably zone the coworking space.




Shared workspace and offices

Startup zone

Mini offices

Meeting rooms

Each meeting room has its own character, depending on the visitors.

The large negotiation office is austere and personable for substantive meetings. It is equipped with a plasma TV hidden behind a sliding door, and instead of a flipchart, there are walls on which you can draw with a marker.

The glass meeting room is smaller for short meetings or for exciting brainstorming. Let everyone be inspired by teamwork.

Conference hall

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towards the audience 

towards the lecturer 

Children's room

Recreational space 




For guests arriving for a few days, cozy sleepboxes have been designed and conditions for comfortable long-term work in the coworking space have been thought out.

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For the comfort of visitors


Individual cells


thoughtful storage 

thoughtful storage 


with a secret room 

People in space