The once landscaped area along Kostromskaya Street gradually fell into desolation. Therefore, according to our concept, the boulevard with pedestrian traffic turns into a park. We divided the path with pedestrian flow and made light zones using one type of light throughout the park. The integration of quiet light inside the objects minimized the number of separately located luminaires.

The territory presented to us is divided into several different functional zones: a workout area, an area with light swings, a light «fountain», a bike path, a dog walking area, children's playgrounds, one of which is located on the hill and is a complex for rock climbing. At the entrance there are semicircular light arches, under which you can sit on benches and look around.

In addition, we decided to set aside a separate area for quiet outdoor recreation, the site for which is a forest, where not a single tree has been felled.

The park of light is a relevant topic for our country, because in three out of four weather seasons we walk after school and work at dusk, which makes it difficult for us to move around and reduces the time spent outdoors. Swing with northern lights and light figures in the «magic forest» just illuminate the road and create an atmosphere of warmth and romance.