Improvement of the territory involves the creation of a single park environment for residents and visitors of the apartment complex. The compositional technique is the principle of dissolving the paving of the fire driveway and the passage, as well as the integration of landscaping with the planting of deciduous large trees, hedge shrubs and wild herbs with elements of a mowed lawn to create a unique park environment within the urban area.


The playground conceptually grows out of the image of a musical trumpet. It has a complex geometry that skillfully integrates all possible functional elements for active recreation and child development without leaving your own yard. A single, interesting and rich path that runs through the entire site, has several levels for games. The path has ups and downs. Somewhere they are made in the form of ladders, somewhere in the form of slides. This allows the child to get off the route at any time, if he wants to. The path leads the child through all the play areas, allowing them to experience a variety of sensations and thus being a kind of adventure route.