The idea for the playground came from the jazz instrument– the trumpet. But, rather than literally imitating the shape of the trumpet, we’ve decided to reinterpret its geometry, and to turn its most recognizable element – the bell – into a big slide.

The foundation of the playground is a linear play route that winds around itself like a ribbon. The resulting loops and knots form areas for various activities for the children of all ages. Travelling along the route is a big and interesting adventure in itself; as a child moves along, she gets a range of experiences and interacts with the Trumpet in a variety of ways.


Fundamentally, the playground is divided into 2 zones: for younger children and for those who are older. And as an example, while the bell (aka the big slide) is located in the area for older children, there are slides for younger children as well, but more size-suited to them.

Besides, there are numerous net climbers, rope bridges, a climbing wall, burrows, talk tubes, a sand pit, slides of different sizes and shapes, tactile walls, trampolines and musical instruments, of course, the sound of which is adjusted so that not to disturb the occupants of the residential complex. All the elements organically intertwine with the twisted loops of the trumpet route.


You can read more about the landscaping of the "Jazz" residential community here.