Oymyakon is exotic, the coldest inhabited place on the planet, located, according to one of the tourists, in the middle of nowhere. Travelers who go here want to catch a sense of "difference" from their usual habitat: what the body experiences, how the cold affects various objects, how physical activity is felt in such conditions. Oymyakon is a place as cold as it is difficult and inaccessible to tourists at the moment. We know how to make a unique tourist cluster here, and now we will tell you about it.



Cluster development is based on the interaction of stakeholders, thus creating a synergy effect. The source of income for this system is the tourist. A tourist is happy when he has a lot of impressions. We analyzed the statistics of the largest travel organizations and identified the main trends:

  • Escape from gadgets and daily stress
  • Get to know and test yourself
  • Get new experience and skills
  • Become a part of the local life
  • Support local communities
  • Get the most beautiful Instagram photos

    Our concept is based on them. We also analyzed the existing tourist flow and identified 3 groups of tourists:

ethno-touriststraveling for show

We are going to increase the number of tourists by 10 times, and this figure will continue to grow. Loading is uniform throughout the year the period of stay will increase to 21 days.

It is important that we develop not only existing target audiences, but also attract many new ones. Oymyakon for everyone!


lovers of exclusive
travel bloggers

glamorous lady
traveling for show

mothers with children
romantic couples
retreat lovers
business tourists

healthy people and vegetarians
domestic tourists

But for them to come you need to fulfill several conditions:



Now it is not only the coldest inhabited place, but also a unique set of the most diverse experiences available only in this part of the world:

uniqueness of nature
uniqueness of the place
local culture and life

extreme rest
relaxation opportunity

perfectly combined with travel in the Russian Federation
or worldwide
suitable for travel in any season
everyone can afford

comfort or wildness
convenient accessibility for everyone
variability of ready-made tours...
...or the designer of independent travel



Now it is not clear how to get to Oymyakon, to book a room, it is not known what can be seen on the way. We have developed tools that solve this problem: now the tourist can not only choose a ready-made tour, but also create his own route. This is a site, and its main feature is the experience builder!

We select the season, type of accommodation, budget and length of stay. The route is ready, rooms are booked, you can go! The site also invites the tourist to visit additional events near the route, which the tourist did not know about:

Here are collected the impressions that can be obtained in the tourist cluster, including those available only in this part of the world:

The site also aggregates reviews of visitors and tourists:

We also created a prototype of an application that works not only online, but also offline, and allows a tourist to track his route:



We have created predictable, comfortable and challenging routes. The tourist cluster for us is not only the outskirts of Oymyakon. This is a long route from Yakutsk to Magadan, the center of which is Oymyakon.

We add a shuttle system to the traditional modes of transport. The shuttle system is built in such a way that the tourist can independently decide how long his route will be. Sights and activities along the route are evenly spaced, some of them are in settlements, others are created from scratch. This is done so that the tourist can take a break from the road with a maximum interval of three hours.

We identified existing activities and added new ones, taking into account the season and time that the tourist can devote to them. This will help develop the economy of the places along the route through tourism. In addition to the existing routes, we have added new ones, among which, for example, there is a rafting to Ust-Nera, a walking route in the footsteps of the expedition, geological excursions.


What architecture should be in Oymyakon?

cozy and safe
sincere and lamp


new and unique
convenient and containing modern functions


associative and full of references

The following unique objects will appear on the territory of Oymyakon, each of which will be a tourist attraction:

1. Tourist Information Center

The first thing that a tourist who comes to Oymyakon sees.

Several functional zones (appear if you hover over the picture) and communication with the help of walkways, allowing you to adapt the building to local conditions and further increase its area.

2. Greenhouse bar

A space that is created with multiple thermal loops. The closer to the center, the more thermophilic plants, in the very center there is a zone with tropical plants and a bar (move the cursor over the picture). An all-weather public space protected from bad weather and insects.

3. A hotel in nature

The community center is also an important engineering hub. Communication with the help of bridges allows you to carry out the necessary communications, including expanding their network in the future.

4. Bath complex

The complex consists of two buildings: public baths and laundries, which are served by hotels, and individual baths by the river.

Individual bath. Hover over to see the internal configuration.

5. Antibania

It makes it possible to feel −72 ° in any season. A unique attraction in which the halls are located in a circle and in each subsequent temperature the temperature becomes lower.

Visitors are told how cold affects the body and how it affects various objects. In the central volume there is a tea room where you can warm up. The configuration of the rooms can be seen by hovering over the picture.


5. Restaurant on the water

Expensive restaurant with modern but identical cuisine. Despite the high level of prices, every tourist is obliged to get there


6. Park

A park designed for both tourists and locals. All infrastructural objects are connected by bridges, around which there are plants that repel insects. As well as solar-powered luminaires, which each visitor can buy and install on their own. Due to this, the light composition will constantly change and increase along with the number of tourists.

7. Farm, tower and infrastructure facilities

The tower, which shines like a lighthouse, can be seen at the entrance to Oymyakon, and if you climb on it, you can see all the new objects, large-scale settlements, but possessing a new uniqueness.


The functional diagram of the farm can be seen by hovering over the picture below:

boat station
fire station

8. Hotel on the pass

We propose to make a hotel on the Verkhoyansk Pass, each room of which will have a wonderful view.


The complex also includes a warm parking lot, a spa complex and a restaurant (you can see it by hovering over the picture).



Cold Stella or Lollipop. A thermometer with a soft glow and flickering when the temperature reaches its lowest point. The image is highly scalable and adaptable - it is both a place mark on the map and an icon.