Today the territory of the recreational zone within the boundaries of the influence of the pond already has its own cozy charm and soulful aesthetics. Zoning has already taken shape, and the habits of the townspeople for spending their leisure time here (bathing, games, fishing, ice skating, etc.) have also taken shape. It only remains to make this passing time a little more convenient and comfortable. At the same time, make the most of the existing infrastructure, slightly combing it, rethinking and repositioning.

The project provides solutions that are easy to create, implement and operate. In addition, try to avoid deliberate maximalist architectural ideas in favor of convenience and neat care for end users. We are confident that the townspeople will appreciate the delicate and environmentally friendly solutions without capital investments.

The status quo




Landscape principles:

Existing metal structures
Former locker rooms
In existing designs, it is enough grace. Swings, awnings, changing rooms, etc. are proposed to be restored and repainted in a single color. Objects with undefined function or difficult to restore are positioned as art objects.
Existing awnings are equipped with sturdy rope hammocks or swings.
On the part of the beach suitable for swimming, changing rooms are preserved. On the green part of the beach, where swimming is prohibited, the cladding is removed from the metal frame of the changing rooms. The bare frame is painted and used for hanging hammocks.
Output arches
Bucket with scoop / brush
New facilities and equipment appear on the territory. For example, entrance arches made of metal pipes, painted in the same color as existing equipment.
No complicated or contrived navigation is necessary. A single sign marks the beaches: "yellow" (for swimming) and "green" (sports, fishing, activities, etc.)
When leaving the sandy beach, it is convenient to clear the sand from your feet. For quick cleaning of the soles of boots at the beginning of the deck
a relief surface of the boards placed on the end is provided.

Bird feeding bridge
Домик для птиц
Safe access to water is provided for children. The pier is adapted for convenient feeding of waterfowl birds and prevents accidental loss.
A small artificial island on pontoons with a wooden deck for sunbathing. Equipped with springboards for diving.

Fishermen's bridges

The existing structure with an overflow grate is proposed to be converted into a decorative lighthouse. The visual landmark is supplied with an LED lamp and a solar battery for autonomous operation.
In the green part of the beach, there are convenient footbridges for fishermen. The bridges are equipped with rain sheds, benches, stands for fishing rods, holders for bags with caught fish, a step for collecting water, a table for working with tackles.
The existing lighting poles are retained. Only the shades are dismantled, which are replaced by lampshades made of perforated composite or monolithic polycarbonate with a decorative pattern applied.

The existing first aid wagons are being dismantled. The function of the medical post is transferred to the base of a newly erected rescue tower, designed in the aesthetics of existing structures.
In the water from the side of the "green" beach, reeds are planted. Vegetation prevents the ball from accidentally rolling into the water. In addition, additional aquatic plants are planted in order to organize a bioplato for the natural purification of the reservoir.
Wooden decking will be arranged along the existing paths and at the site of potential connections. Fragmented offshoots from the main route mark the directions of existing trails and potential functions. Benches and infrastructure facilities are being installed in places where the flooring is expanded.
Eco swamp
Children's area
It is proposed to organize an eco-zone within the boundaries of the flooded wetland. The path widens here and runs over the swamp on small supports. There are information signs, bird feeders, benches equipped with mosquito nets are being installed. The perfect place for birdwatching!
A play area for children 6+ is organized on the "green" beach. There is plenty of room for activities, swings, a playground, a carousel, etc. Children under 6 can play alongside their parents on the sandy beach. There is an area with equipment for games and sand experiments. Thus, part of the beach is positioned as a large sandbox.
Lightweight collapsible awning design does not create additional visual debris. With great demand it is possible to use it in the off-season (glazing, gas burners).

Functional zoning in summer and winter:

In winter, the beach area turns into an area for ice-skating and sledging. In the pavilion, you can rent all the necessary equipment for active winter recreation. Also, winter fishing can be arranged from the central pier. A ski track is organized along the circular route.

Equipment rental pavilion with a small cozy cafe.
In the forest area, a route has been laid with expanding recreation areas.

The beach is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in the summer.