The pavilion is designed for Sretenka Design Week. The main goal was to demonstrate how a
site can be transformed using simple means.

How it is done:

The reduction of the support diameter brings the need to increase the number of the supports. We
reduced the support diameter down to 30 mm. As a result, the whole pavilion interior was made
of a hundred thin tubes. At such density, the slab thickness can be minimal.

When combining a lot of tubes with a very thin slab and the use of a mirrored surface on the
ceiling, it produces a very interesting effect. This is how it works.

A wide passage through the pavilion runs along a curve:

This helps the façade stay integral.

10% of tubes are illuminated. They are made of semitransparent plastic. Inside there is a LED strip.

In real life:

Due to the ceiling mirrored surface and the polished supports the light fills the whole pavilion at
night transforming it into a large lamp. Hover your mouse over the image: