General concept 


Problems identified:

1. The only foreseen activity for pedestrians in this area is passive standing and sitting. Lack of interactive areas.5. The area is divided into several parts by motorways. This creates an inconvenience for pedestrians and visually kills the overall perception of the area.
2. It is impossible to cross Tverskaya Street in this place. Pedestrians need to make a big detour.
6. Narrow sidewalk in front of the theater.

3. Underground pedestrian crossing is a barrier for people with limited mobility.
7. «Knocked out» piece of the square.

4. Lack of greenery and quiet cozy corners.
Employees of neighboring offices are not comfortable spending time on the square.
8. Poorly organized parking, lots of cars on the sidewalks.

Project proposal: shaping schemes

uniform paving of the entire area

ground pedestrian crossings in convenient places

deepened inner square - zone with an amphitheater

inner area: cafes, shops, toilets and information center

underground parking

translucent ceiling of a covered pedestrian passage