Goal: to plan the landscape architecture of the midscale complex Novomolokovo, which is the second stage development.


  • set limits for each of the sites; driveways and construction pattern in place;
  • it is necessary to introduce the largest number of functions possible, including unique
  • ones;
  • ease, cost effectiveness and speed of solution implementation;
  • some functions are already present in the first stage development, it’s better not to copy them.

To separate the functions between the courtyards, so that each courtyard has one or two dominating functions intended for the specific target audience. Such a solution encourages residents to move between the courtyards, which will result in growth of social contacts and local patriotism. In the long run, it improves residents’ comfort and increases apartment sales.


The area for the quiet adults, who enjoy sitting. There is a place to meet and socialize; there are
tables to organize a picnic or play a board game, there are special chess tables. There is a small
playground for children, just in case. When doing the design, the company considered what
residents wished for; at the residents’ request, some concept elements were replaced with more
suitable ones.

The area for the children aged 6 to 12 under the supervision of adults. There is a dedicated area
to play hide-and- seek – the hide-and- seek playground. One section of it is a little bit lower (for
younger children), and the other is a bit higher (for older children). Watching as low as from the
first floor windows, parents can easily find their child. There is also a trampoline, a play
structure and a swing. Adults can sit beside in the shade of the trees and watch their children.

The area for girls and boys of mixed age. The older children can climb the net and watch their
younger sisters or brothers at the neighbouring playground. The other half of the area is given to

This area is meant to connect people. In the centre, there is an open cinema and communication
area. Around the perimeter, there is a jogging path.

The area for the youngest. Here toddlers are just learning to walk and explore the world: there is
high grass, conifers, equipment you can cling to. There is enough space for moms and dads with
strollers. During the Saturday of volunteer work, active residents themselves will plant herbs and

The most spacious area for various activities: an obstacle course, a bungee trampoline, jogging
area, a large merry-go- round for children and adults, petanque playing area.

The area to take a walk: the paths run around the hills, green islands and flower beds. Entrances to this area are located right in front of each entrance of the apartment building.

The area for romantically inclined couples.

This area is a huge playing field for all. You can play alone, or in whole families. There are
scenarios for children, and teenagers, and adults. There are at least eight different rules you can
follow to play here. A board with rules is to be placed at the entrance. It is possible we will make
a separate post on this area listing all the games we imagined.

The greenest area. This is the nicest thing that can happen in the building precincts – a soft green
lawn suitable for active games and coolness in the shade of the trees.

The territory of active sports – table tennis and a general-purpose sports ground.

The territory of extreme sports – streetball, a track for radio controlled cars and a skatepark.

Landscaped area with a huge all-season slide.

The area for the jaunty fellows – a squash court and an outdoor gym

A sports field

A pump track for the lovers of adrenaline. The lawn at the front is dotted with functional art
objects, which is great for the active youth.

A triangular boulevard. Transit routes and a walking path.

Landscaping for a kindergarten. A simple, neat solution, follows all the rules and regulations.

Photographs of the completed project