The main characteristic of this apartment is the panorama view of Moscow. The apartment’s main space is not cut by walls, but constitutes one integral panorama. However, we did not want to forget the typical division into areas – common space (kitchen, living-room, entryway, fireplace area) is separated from the sleeping space by wide sliding partitions.

Bathrooms and storage is in the central core of the apartment; as a result, sun-lit and bright space at the façade is given completely to the areas of extended stay.

1. Entryway 6. Dining area/home office 11. Guest bathroom
2. Hall 7. Fireplace 12. Children’s room
3. Living area 8. Bedroom 13. Master bathroom
4. Storage 9. Wardrobe 14. Utilities
5. Kitchen/bar 10. Bathroom recession 15. Wardrobe

Open space

Here’s what it looks like: