Noise and heavy traffic makes Tverskaya street, which is the principal street in Moscow, not the most pleasant place to be. But when one finds oneself among this buzz, tourist fuss, shops and cafes, old architecture, there’s a need to look around and feel that the place is not only a transit point.

Due to truly strict limitations of the competition, the design turned out to be formal, but not without charm and coziness.

Plot intended for development (from Pushkin Square to Tverskaya Zastava Square):

Attraction points

Along the whole Tverskaya street there are nooks, which, if planned correctly, can become major players in street life. We have found as many as four of them:


Close to metro there is a meeting pavilion. It’s filled with light and here it’s safe at all times. In summer, the roof-integrated water spraying system makes the air fresh and humid, and in winter infrared lamps provide warmth. To prevent people from lingering, there is no bench around.


The pavilion roof is a large lightbox. It changes its colour depending on the weather/exchange currency/road traffic. The electronic ticker attached to the edge of the pavilion displays breaking news.
Telephone booth
Stand with current info for tourists
Vending machines
Public WC
Construction site

Between the buildings that create shade and where there is no wind almost all the time there are badminton courts. This quiet game, accessible for the majority of city dwellers will make Tverskaya a friendlier place.


A multimedia platform expanding the capabilities of the nearest cultural institutions is installed between the blind walls of adjacent buildings. The possible uses: a summer stage, an auditorium, space for all-season movie screening, events, drinks receptions, temporary exhibitions and performances.

The volume is raised above the ground, so that municipal or emergency vehicles could pass easily.


A curious place next to the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia: an open mini-park replaces an iron fence; a friendly lawn in summertime and a site for winter games in winter. A long bench along the path invites to have a seat.


Hover your mouse over the picture (image):




Landscape Architecture

Landscaping, signage and pedestrian solutions that could make your presence on the street more comfortable:

Edge zone. Here you can find signage, street lights, information and advertising elements, parking meters, bicycle parking. The same paving solution is used as in the frontage zone.
Throughway zone. It is kept clear of any unnecessary elements. Large concrete blocks are used in pavement. They can be laid with ease, are more durable and easy to clean.
The building blind walls with temporary street art murals
Crossing at the level of the sidewalk
Area for outdoor café seating is marked with a different pavement. All awnings are monochrome and made in consistent style.
Perch benches replace regular benches. They take less space and prevent undesired users from lingering.


As all pedestrian crossings are above ground now, why not add attractive and useful features to the underpasses?


As bike rental, for instance:


Or a greenhouse:


Or an exhibition of archeological artefacts found during the rehaul of Tverskaya street:


Or vending machines:


Or a street art gallery:


Or a juice bar: