Project-winner of the international competition for the development of concepts of architectural solutions for houses under the renovation program in Moscow. Sites in Izmailovo, East Izmailovo and Sokolinaya Gora.


Project-winner of the competition for the concept of integrated development of park areas in Saratov.

Embankment in Konakovo

Winner of the third all-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements.


A tourist cluster in the coldest inhabited place on earth.

Revitalization of the Elevator territory

Silver Prize of the Architectural Biennale in Kazan.

New Russian city

Contemporary style of Russian architecture? We’ve got it!

Houses of culture: a network of motivation centers

How to improve Russia? Motivate people to develop, do useful things, be interested, active and responsible. Reimagined houses of culture - beautiful buildings with columns that are found in almost every city - can serve as a platform for these purposes.

Sheregesh. Sector E

Sheregesh is already one of the largest ski resorts in Russia. It consists of several sectors, each of which has its own characteristics. How to develop the resort further, add a national flavor and identify the characteristics of each slope? The answer is inside.

Kudykina Gora

How to unleash the potential of the park, turning it into one of the coolest parks in the country. Abridged version.


Every Russian city has the opportunity to become a prominent point on the country's tourist map. We have developed a visual aid for use in any urban education. As an example - Drezna near Moscow.

Beach in Zarechny

With the future in mind and care for the environment around us. An example of minimal architectural implementation where you can do without it.

Embankment in Ulyanovsk

The embankment, where every 200 meters the feeling of space changes, and a zone with high hills, among which you can get lost, is adjacent to an open city square and a private arboretum.


Key improvement projects for the master plan of the city of Borodino.