A project to improve the territory of the residential complex of the cottage village of artists in Sochi.

Hotel complex

The second realised object of Megabudka bureau on the territory of Kudykina Gora Park

Mnyovniky Park

One of the last villages absorbed by Moscow.

Playground "Trumpet"

A unique playground in the residential complex "Jazz". One of the most expensive playgrounds in Russia.

Oka Promenade

The first stage of landscaping for one of the central sections of Nizhny Novgorod riverfront.Reinterpreting a port aesthetic and creating a string of public spaces for all the people living in the city that sit on a new pedestrian axis on Oka riverfront.

Residential complex YALAV

The project of a microdistrict in Cheboksary, where a lot of thought went into all the details – from the position of the buildings to the layout of the façade brick cladding. A living incarnation of ideas and principles inherent of the project of a new Russian city.


The project of a composition of a hotel and luxury apartments in the centre of a new federal territory Sirius. Lean classic design of the facades that makes one think about the repeatability of the centuries.


We would like to showcase the main square of Nizhny Novgorod: a new one, but with references to history. Here a multitude of meanings, functions, unique objects unite, locals and guests of the city meet together.

Residential Complex «You and Me»: landscape design

Courtyards, which delight the residents of the residential complex from above, turn out to be an entertaining game from below.

Welcome center

The first completed building in the New Russian style.


Project-winner of the competition for the concept of integrated development of park areas in Saratov.

Restaurant in Kaluga

A new attraction, as well as a new typology of public spaces for Russia. Detached restaurant + pocket greenhouse.

The Isle of Forts

High walls of military territory had been hiding a bay coast and UNESCO world heritage sites for years. But we have found an approach to them.

Embankment in Konakovo

Winner of the third all-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historical settlements.