RC You and I: landscape design

Courtyards, which delight the residents of the residential complex from above, turn out to be an entertaining game from below.

Welcome center

The first completed building in the New Russian style.


A new type of experimental public space in a shopping center

RC on Ryazan prospekt

Even in comfort-class residential complexes with high density and stringent requirements, we try to «jump out of our pants» and exceed the customer's expectations: to do something interesting, to create an idea, to increase capitalization, incl. and at the expense of the visual image. The architecture proposed by us in this project looks relevant, but at the same time it will not become obsolete in 50 years, and the single-height towers are slightly deployed to diversify the environment.

Restaurant in Kaluga

A new attraction, as well as a new typology of public spaces for Russia. Detached restaurant + pocket greenhouse.

RC Petra Alexeeva: improvement

Each of our projects is based on a concept. And this project is based on the most conceptual concept.

RC JAZZ: yard-park

How to turn a small courtyard into a cozy multifunctional space? How to dissolve fire passages? How to plant as much greenery as possible, regardless of utilities and underground parking? And how to create the most daring playground? That's how!

New Russian city

Contemporary style of Russian architecture? We’ve got it!

Platov airport: landscape design

Sheregesh. Sector E

Sheregesh is already one of the largest ski resorts in Russia. It consists of several sectors, each of which has its own characteristics. How to develop the resort further, add a national flavor and identify the characteristics of each slope? The answer is inside.

Kudykina Gora

How to unleash the potential of the park, turning it into one of the coolest parks in the country. Abridged version.

Kudykina Gora: signature style

Signature style, logo and map guide for the Natural Park of Miracles.

Myakininskaya poima

Architectural concept of house solutions for PIK company. Competition with first place and further implementation.