RC You and I: landscape design

Courtyards, which delight the residents of the residential complex from above, turn out to be an entertaining game from below.

Welcome center

The first completed building in the New Russian style.


A new type of experimental public space in a shopping center

The Isle of Forts

High walls of military territory had been hiding a bay coast and UNESCO world heritage sites for years. But we have found an approach to them.

Park «Manor Lublino»

Park «Manor Lublino» it is a specially protected natural area and an object of cultural heritage. Residents of Moscow come here to rest even from other tourist routes.

«Light park» in Bibirevo

«Light Park» in Bibirevo a typical residential area near the Moscow Ring Road, in the north-east of Moscow. The main feature of the project is original lighting.

Armature tower

The thinnest and most inconspicuous observation tower, where all structural elements are made of armature

Factory 1830

A unique space that in a month turned from a deserted parking lot into a lively resting place for the townspeople.

RC Petra Alexeeva: improvement

Each of our projects is based on a concept. And this project is based on the most conceptual concept.

3rd Obydensky lane

Platov airport: landscape design

Kudykina Gora: signature style

Signature style, logo and map guide for the Natural Park of Miracles.

Interior of Rosbank branch in Nizhny Novgorod

Apartment in London

The result of the experiment with the classic style was a prize in the category «Luxury interior».