Welcome center

The first completed building in the New Russian style.

Mountain hotel

Hotel on the slope, consisting of separate houses. Two options for integration into the natural environment.


Single-stage school with a country spirit in Prague's suburb


A house opening with a southern façade into a private courtyard.

An apartment on Leningradka

This minimal interior for an artistic couple answers the question of how you can turn an open plan into a strict zoning apartment with maximum functionality without compromising space and preserving the feel of an open permeable area.

Apartment in Moscow

In this interior, it turned out to reveal all the charms of panoramic glazing. And this project is executed with great attention to detail and textures.

House in Naberezhny Chelny

A house consisting of two main volumes, visually separated from each other. The first is the main living space, the second is an isolated work area with panoramic windows facing the garden.

Energy efficient house

The main task is to design the most environmentally friendly house that uses the full potential of solar energy.