A project to improve the territory of the residential complex of the cottage village of artists in Sochi.

Hotel complex

The second realised object of Megabudka bureau on the territory of Kudykina Gora Park

Mnyovniky Park

One of the last villages absorbed by Moscow.

Residential complex YALAV

The project of a microdistrict in Cheboksary, where a lot of thought went into all the details – from the position of the buildings to the layout of the façade brick cladding. A living incarnation of ideas and principles inherent of the project of a new Russian city.


Single-stage school with a country spirit in Prague's suburb

Renovation in Riga

Revamp of the territory across the river from the historic centre of Riga. The goal is to create a new hip point of attraction open to everyone. Young people and office workers; recreation, shopping, culture and education; children’s workshops, craftsmanship, a modern kitchen - everyone and everything is included.