Objective: to design a residential complex with a large number of commercial areas and a built-in fitness center.

Planning solution


The terms of reference put forward the maximum possible requirements for the number of accommodated areas. The location of utilities, proximity to the natural complex and existing buildings also dictated many restrictions. In addition, the maximum height of the towers should be no more than one hundred meters. All these initial data formed the basis for the search for the optimal space-planning solution.

We have developed many options for possible configurations. Of these, those were selected that are potentially able to meet the requirements for the number of areas and meet the current insolation standards.

The option with polygonal residential towers was chosen as the best option.

The combination of several tower shapes allows for visual diversity and the most permeable appearance of a fairly dense residential area.

According to the results of the calculation, the option with pentagonal towers meets the sanitary standards for insolation.

The configuration of polygonal towers in the plan with the densest arrangement avoids direct viewing «window to window».

Further for the selected configuration of the towers, we have developed two options for the plastic solution of the facades and stylobate. It was assumed that brick-like clinker tiles would be used for facing both options.

However, after adjusting the initial data (the need to apply a given layout and budget constraints), the space-planning structure of the complex was simplified. It was this option that was adopted for further development.



Day and night views (hover) 

Day and night views (hover)