1. Analysis of the current situation

As usual we started with an analysis. In order not to torment our readers, we present an abbreviated version of it.

We compared the main indicators of Sheregesh with those of other successful and popular ski resorts among Russians. All these resorts have been thoroughly studied. Identified the pros and cons. And thanks to all this, favorable vectors for the development of various aspects of the tourist infrastructure became clear.

Sheregesh in relation to other resorts

  • special snow that attracts guests of the resort
  • long ski season
  • one of the longest runs in the region
  • extensive off-piste skiing area
  • low cost of services

lack of orderly residential development
far from the airport
lack of quality infrastructure
a small number of economical housing in the immediate vicinity of the slope (225 places out of 1842)

2. Suggestions for positioning

The most demanding groups in terms of the number of functions are young people and families with children. In winter, most of the leisure activities are for young people, families with children and people over 50.

Based on the previous analysis, several functional concepts for sector E were formulated:





The best place for extreme sports

A resort for people who may not ski

Starting point for various journeys

A place to live all year round

Description: A place for extreme sports
Attracted by: amateur athletes, professional athletes
Main functions in winter: skiing from the slopes, heliskiing, halfpipe, snowpark
Main functions in summer: downhill, off-road, dirt, training tracks
Investments: snowboard and downhill skiing trails: halfpipe, snowparks, heliskiing. Mountain bike trails and training areas
Pros: attracting athletes from all over the Russian Federation
Cons: less involvement of other groups. Large investment in mountain biking trails
Features: with proper development, Sheregesh can become the largest mountain biking resort in Russia.

Description: a resort for people who tried skiing and did not like it, or they got injured
Attracted by: young people, 50+, parents with children
Main functions in winter: ice rink, spa, shopping, cafes, etc.
Main functions in summer: pool, wellness center, spa, walks, etc.
Investment: requires a large number of maintenance personnel and space, respectively, and investments
Pros: Provides great opportunities for investors
Cons: requires more total investment and architectural objects
Features: adaptive option for staged formation

Description: Creation of an extensive network of navigation and infrastructure for tourism. Sector E is the center of the structure
Attracted by: young people, parents with children
Main functions in winter: alpine skiing and snowboarding
Main functions in summer: routes for hiking, horseback riding, motorcycle rides, ATVs, etc.
Investment: a large number of mountain shelters and an extensive infrastructure network
Pros: no big investments
Cons: difficult to maintain, since the service area is increasing
Features: good for summer use of the area without large investments

Description: Opportunities for year-round living and downshifting
Attracted by: youth
The main functions in winter: accommodation, high-quality infrastructure, skiing, active outdoor activities
The main functions in summer: accommodation, high-quality infrastructure, walks, active outdoor activities
Investments: quality housing, a large number of leisure facilities, places to work (coworking spaces)
Pros: profitable
Cons: big investment
Features: may become a popular format for young people who work remotely

 3. Territory analysis

Based on the landscape analysis of the territory, the most profitable areas for design were identified, which are less shaded, have a better view, a lower slope and optimal transport accessibility.

4. Concept

Sector E becomes the starting point for the start of various routes in both winter and summer. A café, a cinema, a promenade with shops and other public functions are organized on the ground floors of the hotels. The boulevard connects the main access point to the village with the main ski area. It also provides for the staging of the development of the residential and hotel sectors in small areas.

If you hover over the image, you can see how the activities change depending on the season.





How should resort architecture with a national flavor look like? Do not build the same Italian renaissance or alpine chalets in Russia. Therefore, we took the national tower as a basis, rethought it, made it modern, taking into account the conditions of the sector.