Building facades support red lines to form a corner at the intersection of streets.

The forest is a key advantage of this place. With such a planting of the building, a large area of the facade gets a view of the greenery. The courtyard facade is oriented towards the river, which will be visible from the upper floors.

In this situation the standards for insolation are observed. Each facade of the building receives the time required by the insolation standards.

The building divides the site and forms two functional zones: an active public in front of the building, and a more private recreational zone behind it.

To achieve the required indicators in terms of area (more than 20,000 m² of living space), at least 5 entrances are required.

Dividing the building into two volumes will get rid of the effect of an endless wall and make its appearance more expressive.

One of the difficult characteristics of a house is its height. Our task is to design a high-quality residential building with 12-14 floors.

The space between the buildings will allow sunlight to enter the courtyard, which is completely devoid of it due to the height and position of the building.

Planning concept

Each apartment consists of internal and external parts.
The internal part is unchanged, the external part is frontal, variable, creating the appearance of the building.
The apartments have deep loggias overlooking the forest. Since the area of the loggia is large, it is allowed to set up a kitchen or living room in it.

Apartment options: one-room, two-room and three-room.

Building plan 1

Building plan 2