Kiselyovsk is a town, whose economy is dominated by a single industry, the so-called
monotown. It is located in southwestern Siberia, in the Southern part of Kuznetsk Basin, one of
the largest coal mining areas. Being one of the largest towns of Kemerovo Oblast, the city
however encountered mass migration. It is first of all caused by lack of opportunities, but
environmental contamination, uncomfortable surroundings and low quality of life in town play
their part as well.

The purpose is to increase the appeal of the urban environment, make it more comfortable for living. To do so, we chose a couple of "pilot" sites based on the analysis:

1. Park

Park is a territory with good prospects located in the central part of town. It is surrounded by
residential areas and spots intended for future housing development. In the nearest future the
territory can become the main point of attraction for the people from the surrounding micro-

Current context:

Existing development Park site Future micro-districts Artboard 28 Low-rise development Micro-districts future development

Plans to build new micro-districts in Krasny Kamen are of utmost importance for this project.
Within this context of future micro-districts development, the park plays the central part. Due to
its location, it is meant to become a focal point. As there is plenty of nature around the site and
no urbans parks in the proximity, the park is positioned as an urban one. This is why it needs to
be recreational, which is a typical feature of central urban parks.

public events area sports facilities amusement rides community centre pond


children’s playground mini football greenhouse rentals
mini zoo dancing grounds apple garden museum of a coalminer
shooting/archery range cafe tents, gazebos observation tower
kart racing area for picnics beach ropes courses
exhibition area artificial landscape boating educational pavilion
street workout spots monument skating skate park

The core of the park is public area. The area of amusement rides is pushed to the road for easier
access from the car park side and well moved away from the site of the existing shopping centre.
Before reaching the area of amusement rides, micro-district residents stroll through the park. A
sports area is located separately, away from other activity areas.

2. Event Square

The square is situated in densely populated development and is used extensively by the people living in the region. Though the area is not designed to hold events, a lot of family events and public holidays are celebrated here.

Current context:

Square territory Routes leading to the square Building exits Blind parts (no passages or entrances) Pipeline


Key role and functions of the square are retained: it acts as a stage for a range of events, it still is a unique urban place to host festivities and fairs. The existing memorial dedicated to miners is preserved, too. It was suggested that the quality of the existing program should be improved and its convenience should be increased. Further attractions must be created to draw people in during lunchtime, such as a café, a children’s playground, or play area. The noisy square being surrounded by residential buildings creates the discomfort for the residents. This is why we suggest we make a green contour of trees, which will act as a noise reduction and a visual restraint. The square should provide free movement; vegetation pattern takes it into account.

3. Courtyard

Current context:

Current context   Existing parking


The residents access the courtyard from the both sides coming out from the adjacent buildings. The shape of the courtyard ground should be universal and should have the ability to adapt to any courtyard. For this reason, the shape of Kiselyovsk mines was chosen as a formal image. The functional content changes depending on the residents’ needs. Courtyards have enough parking spaces located separately.

Idea behind the courtyard   Parking areas under development

4. Square facing ‘Miner’ Stadium

You see the square immediately after you enter the town, it should be the town’s landmark, but for now there is a driveway, parked cars and buses almost all over the place. The spot best suited for the landmark is taken by a huge billboard. The facades of the neighbouring buildings are in a run down state and densely covered with shop signs. The square is cut by traffic into separate parts not linked with one another. It all brings unhealthy associations, prevents free pedestrian flow and destroys the first impression of the town.

Сurrent contex:


The circle unites separate parts of the existing square into a single composition. The area of the square features a large spot of brightly-coloured contrasting pavement. The driveway uses the same pavement as the pedestrian area. In the centre of the square a welcome sign of Kiselyovsk greets the visitors.

Town’s mini park Square in front of the shopping centre Square of the welcome sign Square in front of the sports facility Parking area
Monument Car parks Kiosk BookCrossing shelves Exhibition area
Fountain Café туалет WI-FI Interactive playground
Sports facility and a stadium Bank Trade Landscaping    

5. Market

Currently, the market takes place spontaneously. It is mainly a car boot sale. There are a few small stalls. Pedestrian lanes are not separated from the transport areas. There is no dedicated area to park buses, while there are lots of them in the territory. Coming out of the Registry Office, one faces a car park, there is no area for celebrations.

Current context:

Market site Square in front of the Registry Office Bus park Square in front of the shopping centre Pipeline


Main role and uses of the market square are retained. Trade that was scattered before is concentrated in one place now, housed in new comfortable pavilions. The square becomes multi-use. Now, it is a universal area having different scenarios of use. A large tent protects visitors from bad weather. In front of the Registry Office there is a square for celebrations providing a ceremonial access with a purpose-built drop-off for limousines and wedding cars. Impromptu parking becomes organized. Special parking areas are created. Pedestrian links are reanimated. Their pattern becomes more connected, clear and dense.


Pedestrian routes market 51 Vehicle travel Ceremonial access to the Registry Office
Main pedestrian travel Cycle lanes Drop-off for limousines
Bus stop Children’s waiting area Bollards
Limousine stop Square in front of the shopping centre The Registry Office
Service parking for sellers’ vehicles Market Conifer tree for festivities
Car parks Ceremonial access to the Registry Office Crosswalk
Bicycle parking Beauty salon Garbage
Parking area Shopping and Services Market square
Area in front of the shopping centre Festive area Administration

4 scenarios of market square use:

Christmas tree Area of events Main pedestrian flow Trade Additional points of sale