To create a sense of privacy and to isolate the courtyard of the residential area from noisy areas and public zones, most of the territory around the perimeter of the complex is set aside for green areas. The square on the side of the Pavshino station has become a public place for meetings, recreation and public events. Part of the territory is reserved for public leisure, cafes and pavilions. The zones between residential buildings and the plots connecting them have become a «private» courtyard for the residents of the complex. And the safest part of the yard, literally bordering on the territory of the kindergarten, is reserved for the leisure of children and parents.


Public square
Children's area
Green area
Transit area
Area of social activities
Cafe and pavilion area
Area of sports activities

Public area

In this area the territories of recreation and circulation have a clear boundary. The transit promenade zone separates the public space from the road, thereby making it more private:


The areas between residential buildings have become the private courtyard of the residents of the complex:


The stylobate is solved by modular zoning and combines several functions at once: it contains areas of social activities, green islets, cafes and pavilions, and even places of sports activities - for example, a skatepark.


1. Flowerbed

2. Canopy

3. Technical equipment

4. Pavilion

5. Canopy cafe

6. Flowerbed-bench

7. Ping pong

8. Hammocks

9. Obstacle course

10. Amphitheater

11. Flowerbed-bench

12. Skatepark

13. Platform of knowledge

14. Swing

15. Street kitchen