Apartments on Pyatnitskaya

We reinterpret and create a local identity; there were Russianness, Yakutskness, Sovietness, Nizhegorodskness… now there is Moscowness.


We would like to showcase the main square of Nizhny Novgorod: a new one, but with references to history. Here a multitude of meanings, functions, unique objects unite, locals and guests of the city meet together.

Restaurant in Kaluga

A new attraction, as well as a new typology of public spaces for Russia. Detached restaurant + pocket greenhouse.

The Isle of Forts

High walls of military territory had been hiding a bay coast and UNESCO world heritage sites for years. But we have found an approach to them.

Mountain hotel

Hotel on the slope, consisting of separate houses. Two options for integration into the natural environment.

Park «Manor Lublino»

Park «Manor Lublino» it is a specially protected natural area and an object of cultural heritage. Residents of Moscow come here to rest even from other tourist routes.

Sokolnicheskaya square

A new comfortable space with classic content and historical references.

RC Petra Alexeeva: improvement

Each of our projects is based on a concept. And this project is based on the most conceptual concept.


Single-stage school with a country spirit in Prague's suburb

RC JAZZ: yard-park

How to turn a small courtyard into a cozy multifunctional space? How to dissolve fire passages? How to plant as much greenery as possible, regardless of utilities and underground parking? And how to create the most daring playground? That's how!

Penthouse on Belarusskaya

Flexible penthouse space.


A house opening with a southern façade into a private courtyard.

Vishnevsky Square

Renovation of the square in the residential area of Moscow.

Investor’s office

Office of investors in Moscow City. Combination of classical and modern materials and solutions.